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Admission facts for MS in computer science, eligibility for MS in Top Universities of Italy

Admission Facts

University courses commence in late September/ early October for the first Semester, and in March for the second semester. Student Administrative Offices publishes the course calendar for every Faculty one month before the beginning of the courses. Professors communicate the calendar on Faculty personal web pages or on their office boards.

There are three assessment sessions for University autumn from September to December), winter February and summer session June and July. Faculties will publish the exam calendar which can be seen on the Faculty’s web site or the Faculty board. You must register for the exam, one week before the exam date. Please ask your professor for details of registration for the chosen course.

Most of the exams are oral, decided and communicated by professors based on the number of students. The method of Contacting the Professor is through e-mail, published on her/his Faculty board or online. They can also be met during their office hours.

The change in Study Plan is possible in case of change of mind about an exam And the student must submit a request to the Board of Studies (Consiglio di Facoltà) which will have the power to approve it Exam codes are very important. They indicate the examination area of the course. In the final year at Bachelor or Master Level the Study Plan has to be handed along with your Degree request in the Degree Administrative Office.

The Campus internet can be used. When you open your Internet browser you need to identify yourself with a username and password. International students (undergraduate and postgraduate) have access with their enrolment identification number as user name. You can apply for accessing of the library services of Rome (Biblioteche di Roma) after giving your proof of residence in Rome, enrolment and ID.

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