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How Much Does it Cost to Study in the Italy, Education cost for studying in Italy, tuition fees in Italy

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at universities are very nominal and they range between FF 800 and FF 25000 and FF 100000 per annum.

At state universities, fees are about £680-£800 per year for EU students.

Tuition fees at universities are very nominal ranges between FF 800 to FF 100000 per annum. Accommodation is between FF 800 to FF 2500 per month, Food is from FF 850 to FF 1000 at university restaurants per month, Health care is from FF 2500 to FF 5000 per year and miscellaneous (transportation and leisure) -FF 500 per month.

Italy’s university fees depend on the institution and course. That means the fees varies from one institute to another and one course to another. According to Italian government guidelines, average fee will be between US$850 and US$1,000 per year, however, private universities will charge more. International students also can be benefited from these grants and scholarships.

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